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Animated Video Treasures II



Miranda has always had a
consuming curiosity about
the human world and the
reason that humans do not
treat "her world" with the
same love and respect that
she does. On Miranda's 15th
birthday, she is permitted her
first glimpse of the human
world and its wonders


Princess Miranda lives with her father, the Sea King, and her two sisters in a magical palace. She has the most beautiful voice in all the Merfolk Kingdom. THE LITTLE MERMAID
Accompanied by Acme, her otter friend, she swims to shore. On the way, Miranda saves the life of a handsome Prince and soon finds herself having to make many sacrifices to strike a deal with the evil Sea Witch so that she may become human. Miranda wants the humans to hear her voice and on her journey she also finds true love.

Image Copyright © Anchor Bay Entertainment

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